If you’ve been involved in online sports betting for a while, there’s a good possibility you’ve heard of or maybe tried out a betting exchange. A betting exchange is, to put it simply, a venue where gamblers can compete with one another. It functions just like a regular sports betting arrangement, with the exception that other bettors take the role of the bookie.

Consequently, how do you profit from betting exchanges? What you should be aware of is listed below.


The way betting exchanges operate is similar to that of a regular online sportsbook, with the exception that those setting the odds are also people who will wager on it.

However, did you know that there are methods to use this distinction to your advantage so that winning almost always comes as a given in every play? Additionally, you are not restricted to a small number of sports markets because betting exchanges offer odds on a variety of events, including eSports, NHL games, Formula One races, and more. Here are some strategies for playing at a betting exchange that will pay off.

Matching wagers

Sports betting with matched bets is almost risk-free. When done correctly, matched betting may guarantee you at least a 95% profit on any wager you make (this is because there is usually around 5 percent vig or the fee collected by platforms).

Simply put, matched betting involves placing bets on both game outcomes while using both real money and all available incentives. You accomplish this by maintaining accounts with both a sportsbook like William Hill and a betting exchange like Betfair.

Sportsbooks typically provide bonuses all the time, from the initial sign-up to the first deposit, to sporadic promotions only to keep a player on their platform. For matched betting, this is essential.

You will now place a lay bet and a back bet for every game, two different sorts of exchange bets. A lay bet is a betting that a particular event won’t occur. A lay bet would be something like, “I don’t think Team Liquid would win a CS:GO match.” On the other hand, a back bet is a betting that a specific result will actually occur. A back bet is made when you state, “I think Team A WILL win.”

You begin with a qualifying bet by placing a lay bet on the exchange and a back bet with your bookmaker. Online odds matching tools are available to help you put together the greatest back and lay odds for the smallest possible loss margin. We refer to this as “acceptable loss.” You receive free credits from your bookie account, and you just keep doing it over and over again.

Spread betting

Arbing, also known as arbitrage betting, is another of the most popular strategies to make money using betting markets. Arbing, to put it briefly, is the tactic of placing bets on EVERY potential result of a game. It would be done through several bookies and exchanges, but it would have different odds, which is what would allow for this to potentially be profitable.

Similar to matched betting, there are a number of matching programmes that can assist you in determining the ideal set of odds for each wager you can place. Here is an example of baseball arbitrage betting to better explain how this works.

However, there are a number of disadvantages to arbitrage betting. One of them is the potential for your bookmaker account to be restricted or even banned. Arbers are despised by sportsbooks because they ultimately lose money betting on them. Another disadvantage is that while gains are frequently assured (as long as you follow the proper procedures), it is not a system for making a tonne of money overnight.

The majority of arbitrage betting techniques are slow-burning, making them ideal for those who don’t mind struggling to get wealthy over the long run.

Value Gambling

The adage “the house always wins” is one of the most frequently heard in any gambling environment, whether it be a sports or casino setting. In a sense, that is accurate; less than 10% of gamblers succeed financially, and those who do succeed financially and effectively “beat” the house frequently have their accounts restricted or terminated by bookmakers or online casinos. It would seem that the house usually prevails in the end. Value betting comes into play here.

Value betting is a betting technique in which you look for the greatest odds that give you the upper hand over a bookmaker. A value bet can also be defined as a wager on an event that is more likely to occur than what the bookmakers predict. When you place a value bet, you effectively search for a selection where the risk-to-reward ratio is in your favour.

Understanding how to compute the true odds of a game, like the Olympic track & field competitions, is essential to value betting. Keep in mind that bookmakers frequently change the odds to provide themselves a profit margin, and that is perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day, bookkeeping is still a business.

Consider a match in which the two Dota 2 eSports teams have exact 50/50 odds against one another. In decimal form, that would be odds of 2.00. Your bookmakers may, however, present you with odds of 1.75, 1.80, 1.90, or any other amount. One may, however, propose 2.10. Naturally, since the latter one offers a higher value, it is the best choice.

Be aware that these kinds of bets are different from betting methods. In progressive betting systems, the amount you bet is adjusted in accordance with whether you won or lost your prior wager. All three types of betting—matched, arbitrage, and value—focus on placing bets that have a significant advantage over the house.


What benefits are there to placing bets through a betting exchange? You may find the best value bets here, which is just one of a number of factors. The odds are established by the bettors themselves on betting exchanges. It can be as horrible as it can be or as good as you want it to be, according to this.

Consider a match between you and a friend for an Arsenal vs. Liverpool Super League game to help you comprehend. You arrive at various conclusions about the result, and you bet against one another using odds you decide upon. Betting exchanges operate in a similar manner. The platform behaves differently from a bookie. They only serve as a conduit for these bet exchanges (for a minimal fee, of course).

What do wagering exchanges do?

Betting exchanges are online spaces where gamblers can trade picks and wagers, doing away with the need for and purpose of a bookmaker.

How can I use betting exchanges to make money?

The variety of bets available on betting exchanges includes, but is not limited to, matched bets, arbitrage bets, and value bets.

How do betting exchanges handle matched betting?

When done correctly, matched betting is almost a surefire technique to turn a profit on each wager.

Is betting arbitrage permitted on different sportsbooks?

Although bookmakers do not explicitly forbid arbitrage betting, most sportsbooks do ban or close accounts when their systems detect possible arbitrage activity.

Are online sportsbooks and betting exchanges the same thing?

A sportsbook is run by a business that is focused on making money, which has an impact on how they offer the odds. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on or managers of betting exchanges. Platforms only charge a small amount for each transaction; aside from that, customers effectively control the market.

Do betting exchanges accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

A few platforms can accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Ripple.