When choosing a wager, gamblers must decide between Moneyline and spread betting. Some gamblers are unsure whether the two stakes offer them the best payoff or the lowest risk.

To assist you in deciding which offers the best value, this article will examine Moneyline and spread betting in great detail.


Because you are picking the outcome of a game, a money line wager is easy to make while playing sports online. Compared to other bets like spreads and totals, Moneyline wagers are the most common for newcomers in practically every US sportsbook since they are simple to understand.

When reading a money line wager, finding the teams with favorable or unfavorable odds is typically required. The underdogs are the teams or individuals with a positive score (+400), while the favorites are those with a negative score (-650). Despite being the favorites, you must pay $650 to win $100 due to their -650 odds. On the other hand, you can make $400 by betting just $100 on the underdogs. As a result, Moneyline wagers are simpler to interpret than totals.


Point spreads are bets on the difference between each team’s or player’s final score in a match. Spread odds for sports betting typically appear as -4.5/+4.5. Knowing which team or individual is the favorite and which is the underdog is essential to reading the plus and minus in betting.

Let’s use an example where the Phoenix Suns have a score of -4.5, and the Milwaukee Bucks have a score of +4.5 based on information from the NBA Playoffs in 2022 to demonstrate how to understand point spread sports wagers. The Suns must win by more than 5 points if you are betting on them, and your chances on the Bucks must win, and they must score 5 points fewer than the Suns’ total to win.

The score that each team must win or lose and the odds for the spread wagers on particular games are established by sportsbook operators like Bet365 or BetMGM. The money line’s betting odds are the same for spread bets. Returning to the instances of point spreads, these scores will have associated odds, such as -150 for -4.5 and -165 for +4.5. These are negative odds; thus, to win $100 on either bet, you must gamble $150 on the -4.5 and $165 on the +4.5.


Remember that the money line is used to wager on which side will win, while the spread is used to wager on the final score differential between the two teams. Can you wager the spread and money line on the same game or other games in light of this? These bets can be added to your sportsbook bet slip, whether for the same or a different game.

You cannot make your parlay wager with legs for both the money line and the spread in the same game, and you can accomplish this if the UK or US sportsbook has a “same game parlay” feature.


We go over particular facets of the sportsbook that are significant to you so that you may determine which bets provide the highest value to a bettor.



During an NHL or MLB Playoff game, bettors hope to win more than $100. This way of thinking makes underdog Moneyline bets enticing to both novice and experienced gamblers. When placing a bet on the underdog team or player to win the game, your stake will always be $100, but your reward will be significantly more.

The Moneyline comfortably triumphs in this category in terms of payouts. Sportsbooks’ point spread odds are often in the range of -100/+100 and spread bet winnings usually range from $10 to $90. The odds rarely exceed +300, even when playing between the best and worst teams in basketball, baseball, hockey, or football.


The Moneyline bets typically include a low-risk, high-stake favorite, and a high-risk, high-payout underdog when a ranked team faces one. Since you are betting on the team that is most likely to advance to the finals, your odds of winning the favorite bet are increased. You are still placing a sizable wager, and there is always a risk that the team with the lowest ranking will prevail in this match.

Due to their low risk, this game typically prefers point spreads over Moneyline bets. You will win this wager if the score differential between the favorite and underdog teams exceeds a predetermined threshold. Because there is a better likelihood of winning, the bulk of spreads across different sports events have odds that are near 100.

Spread bets

Moneyline bets are the riskiest when a bettor decides which legs to add for their parlay sports wager. No matter how many portions are still in play, if one leg of your parlay bet loses, the entire bet loses. The payout of a money line parlay chance is increased by the number of legs because of its enormous risk.

Point spread parlays are less risky than Moneyline bets, but they feature predetermined sports betting payoff for a set number of legs. The following payouts may be available at different parlay sportsbook websites: